Freeze-Dried Staple Food for Hamsters


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  • Origin: Mainland China

Nutritional ingredients:
Freeze-dried chicken, freeze-dried duck, freeze-dried beef and vegetables, dried mealworms, dried freshwater shrimp,
Flaxseed, Rapeseed, Canary Seeds, Calendula Flower Petals, Dandelion Grass, Alfalfa Strips,
Corn flakes, pea flakes, green pea flakes, dried carrots, banana chips, dried cabbage, dried greens, dried purple potatoes, dried apples, rice, wheat, buckwheat in shell, oatmeal, brown rice, five-color millet, peanuts, safflower seeds, barley flakes, red sorghum, white sorghum, millet, barley kernels, mung beans, pumpkin seeds (recipe adjustments are made according to different seasons, please refer to the actual product).


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